Listen. Learn. Innovate.

Founded nearly two decades ago, our idea was simple. Use technology to help small businesses succeed, without all of the complicated techy-talk.

"When I was younger, working at a small business, we struggled with companies who sounded more interested in proving their knowledge in technology, than they were in meeting our needs. I recognized an opportunity in that." - Joel Paterson, Owner/Founder at Primary Target Media.

Over the years, we've focused on ensuring that we put just as much emphasis on the relationship we build with our clients, as we do the services we're offering them. This approach has enabled us to make sure we're constantly evolving. Listen, Learn, Innovate. We believe if we build services/tools that businesses want, we'll never need to 'sell' anything.

Whether a company is looking to adopt technology for the first time, or simply modernize their efforts, we're here to listen... and help.

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